TW/weibo 2014.07.26

چه دمپایی های بامزه ای خخخخخخخ


Ribbit ribbit froggy gunman (translation by elly)

ریبیت ریبیت(صدای قورباغه) تیرانداز قورباغه ای



Hot hot hot..i haven’t been home for 3 weeks but why i still like the filming set better kuku.. going to Anseong again go go~! (Translation by Elly)

!~گرم گرم گرمه..3 هفته ست که خونه نرفتم اما چرا هنوزم از محل فیمبرداری بیشتر خوشم میاد؟ هه هه.. دوباره داریم میرم آنسئونگ. بریم بریم
توجه:راستش مطـمئن نیستم منظـور جونکی از کلمه “هات” اشاره به گرما بوده یا میخواسته بگه جذابه آخه “هات” به معنای جذابیت هم به کار میره اما از اونجایی که معنی کلمه کــــــره ای که جونکی استفاده کرده، بیشتر به گرما نزدیکه، منم واسه ترجمه اش نوشتم گرمه.



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  1. خخخخخخخخخخخخخ دمپایاشوووو :laugh:

  2. خخخخخخخخخخخ
    سه هفته خونه نرفته؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟ :dash: :dash:

    • الهی
      سگاشو کجا می ذاره خیلی برام جای سواله مثلا می بره مهدکودک؟؟؟

  3. Here’s to the love of that peculiar and potent mix of impatience and persistence that is necessary to work in and lead communities…and which you have shown throughout your time at the helm of Locality and the DTA.

  4. Ridgeville has the aptly named Sleepy Hollow Road. The road itself is so dark that you need to use your headlights to see even in the middle of the day. Supposedly a bus full of high school students broke down and were stranded on a side road when they got lost on their way. People who travel down a side road claim to see dark figures chasing them.

  5. Laura – “As soon as I was removed from tonight’s situation, I decided I needed to do some bible study.”  I love your heart!  Perfect example of how we stay close to Him amid life’s turbulence.  Even (or maybe most especially!) when we question how we dealt with a situation, we run to Him……because even when we’re hurt, we realize that we want to please Him more than we want to justify ourselves!  Thanks for starting off my day with that wondeful example!

  6. i wrapped my cast in bread sacks & sealed them with rubber bands. effective!

  7. چه خوشگله . من عاشق این دمپایی هام :party: :party:

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